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"Developing the right team of people working toward a common goal is how you achieve success"  

-- Joseph Alai, Founder/ CEO, Rockstar Property Investors. 

Real Estate Investors

Do you have investment capital? Let us perform for you.


We utilize both private and commercial lending sources. Rockstar Lenders are our go-to instruments.

Realtors & Wholesalers

Are you a leading solo act or are you part of a group that needs to be on tour with us? If so, we want to talk to you Rockstar Realtor and Rockstar Wholesaler. We will give guidance on the properties we seek to acquire. Then bring us deals we can not refuse. 

Property Management Companies

You are our ticket agent and the security guard. You keep our venues safe and our patrons happy. That is how a Rockstar Property Manager performs for us. Do you have what it takes to give us a rockstar performance?

Future Rockstars

Do you have real estate, property management or another talent we we need to hear about? Contact us to set up an audition and show us your talent. Together, we are a band of Rockstars!

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We love to speak with talented real estate professionals

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